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Custom Biz Plans offer services that benefit clients from all walks of life. So it doesn’t matter that you own an ice-cream parlour in your neighbourhood or own an ice-cream factory, you need a business plan to sustain and expand your business in the future. The services we offer are listed below briefly. You can go to the respective pages of each service for full detail. 
Business Plan Writing: This is our flagship service as we offer professionally designed and customized business plans. Our business plan covers all the necessary aspects so that you can present your plan to an investor or any other company / individual with full confidence.
Financial Plan Writing: Important features of business planning like budgeting, cash flow management, managing accounts, etc are included in a financial plan. We provide our services for a financial plan as a standalone product too if our client’s requirement is so. 
Marketing Plan Writing: Our marketing plan writing will enable you to introduce your product to the target market while applying strategies to increase the market share and keep the budget in control at the same time.
Financial Feasibility Analysis: We provide you a detailed research report and critical analysis about the health of the financial system of your company and managing important aspects like cash flow with ease.
Market Research and Analysis: This service let our clients get a report on what is the market sentiment relating to your product, its demand and how you can maximize your sales and profit by carefully implementing the strategies we conceive.
PowerPoint Presentation: The PowerPoint presentation can highlight the most important aspects of your business plan very quickly so that the person going through your plan will know exactly what is present in your detailed business plan.
SWOT Analysis: Knowing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats concerning your product and business as a whole will make you better prepared for the events in the future. 
One Page Business Plan: Don’t want to carry the bulky business plan with you? We can produce a one page business plan featuring all the requirements of a viable business plan.
Business Plan Proposal: Our writers can come up with the type of business plan proposal that you can submit to the investor of your choice with confidence knowing that it will be accepted for sure.
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